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February 26, 2009

We’ve moved on.

Delighted to announce from February 09 we’ve moved on. So to get the latest news, tips and techniques…



Snowed Under!

February 9, 2009

Ever had that feeling? Well, that’s how it’s been in the UK the past week or so and that’s how I realise I’ve been the last few months. Lots of exciting new projects and exciting things to do and I got so carried away with the ‘exciting’ that I forgot there were only so many things I could do in the one 24 hours. Super Woman rode again!

How easy it can be to slip back into my default patterns when I take my eyes off the ball. Only saving grace is that I recognise what I’m doing these days at the first few signs of falling back into a hole rather than when I’m in there at the bottom of a pit without a ladder!

And once I recognise the signs, I take action. Luckily, I’d already booked earlier this year for some chilling and time out days at Woodbrooke, a comfortable en-suite, great food, welcoming peaceful atmosphere Quaker conference and training centre with wonderful grounds, Chinese Garden and lake… It was even more magical cloaked in a deep layer of snow.

My walking boots left hefty imprints beside those of birds and small mammals. The air was crisp in my nose and my exhalation left moisture in the air that disappeared into the whited out, muted landscape. Just me and it as the snow crunched with a pleasurable softness beneath my feet. Rest and re-connection time with my self, purpose, passion and power.

So what default pattern catches you out, how do you get snowed under? And how do you get yourself out of that particular hole?

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Presidential Address

January 18, 2009

If the world ever needed more of the traditionally thought of female/feminine principles, approaches and skills it has to be now… And the USA president elect appears to be an example of an organic urge for that paradigm shift to occur, one amongst many unpublicised examples emerging in both female and male leaders of all kinds.

A shift toward being both task and relationship oriented, of being proactive and receptive, of collaboration rather than conflict, of logical intelligence married with intuitive skills, of strength partnered by compassion… of what I call ‘joined-up being’ as well as joined-up thinking.

And Barack Obama seems to be a man attuned to this movement, an evolutionary push toward who knows what in the development of our species and planet earth. No wonder what he says and how he says it plucks a chord in so many people around the world… and the chord which resonates is one of hope!

Hope for something far more fulfilling, for a way of being that calls us to our highest, deepest and our best. A calling to purpose, passion and power with the Intention of the highest good for self and others and the Will to the highest good for self and others.

I’m absolutely on line for that! How about you?

PS  Hear the man in action with One Voice Can Change A Room

PPS Read his inaugural speech

Forget To Remember?

January 10, 2009

There’s a saboteur in my life! He looks like a mixture of Guy Fawkes and Zorro with a touch of Victorian English father of the ‘don’t darken my doorstep again’ flavour. And he interferes mostly with me expressing myself in the world, being visible, being audible.

This morning, right in the middle of my 20 minutes’ ‘sitting’ meditation, I got a massive insight as to how he does that and for what purpose. All great information for changing the dynamic. And I carried on with my sitting meditation because the learning was so huge I just knew I would remember.

Guess what? Yup… I forgot!

And when I told my writing buddy Phyllis in our co-coaching session this morning she just cracked up. Then I cracked up and we spent joyful moments laughing and laughing and laughing over the Skype airways.

Isn’t that just like life sometimes? You get this earth shattering insight, or earth shattering idea, thinking this is where I crack it all… and then you go and forget!

I suggested to Phyllis that the moral was to write the thing down. “No, no…,” she said, “the moral is to remember it so you can write it down!”  And we fell about laughing, delighting in getting sillier and sillier.

What have you forgotten? And what do you need to write down so that you can re-member?

Over The Top!

December 27, 2008

Reading a book by Seth Godin on leadership… my marketeer of choice… I came to a bit where he says, ‘If you’re not over the top, you’re not going to have any chance at all of making things happen’.

Firstly, having spent a life with family and ex-husband telling me explicitly or implicitly I was ‘too much’, embarrassing them, ya-di-ya-di-ya, it’s a chocolate profiterole with cream kind of pleasure to be told ‘over the top’ is fine. (Though what constitutes over the top is not defined, leaving my imagination to run deliciously riot as to the joys that await me!)

However, that is most definitely not the only way to make things happen. You can do that by default, by not making choices and letting others make them for you. You can do that by going for less than you want or desire, ending up disappointed but, hey, you didn’t put your head above the parapet did you?!

Choice time!

With 2009 approaching, you can be doing same old same old OR you can start learning how to be over the top for you. Yes… not like me, or Amy Winehouse or Madonna! What’s just a baby stretch bit more over the top for you? And what positive things might happen because you did it?

You could learn a whole lotta stuff to do just that by coming to my Politics Can Be Sexy!, a one-day intensive training for women who desire to be shedloads more successful communicators and influencers in their organisations and careers. You’ll be surprised and deliciously delighted how easily yet powerfully you can through using the depth and creative energy of the archetypal feminine.

Full details on the website in January.   Priority advance notice of details AND a subscriber’s discount on fees for Women of Courage Ezine community members. So, with only 8 places, be an early worm… subscribe here

Wishing you a deliciously creative 2009 and remember… over the top is most definitely the place to be. Subscribe here and discover how!

A New Spin On Fear Of Failure!

December 6, 2008

Wanted a ‘lie-in’ this morning.  Been a busy few weeks one-to-one coaching, and training some great energy managers in the NHS.

And the thought of just waking up this morning whatever time my body wanted felt superb last night.  That is, until my eyes popped open at 6.25 am and my mind began jiving its own particular version of rock around the clock!

So I got up with the intention of having breakfast, reading a little with my coffee and then going back for a snooze… which often works for me.  Not this morning.  Too enthused by thoughts I read in a book by Seth Godin which I’ll feature soon.  Here’s a couple that got my imagination going…

It’s not fear of failure that inhibits us from being/doing remarkable things but the fear of destructive criticism.  It’s the fear of that pointing finger of blame, of ridicule and humiliation.

If you’re not uncomfortable in your work as a leader then you’re probably not reaching your potential as a leader.

So… how about you; what memories, ideas, pictures and musings do these thoughts stimulate in you?

What Kind Of Leader Are You?

November 30, 2008

The whole topic of leadership’s been pre-occupying me for some time now… leadership of self and others. And there’s as many definitions of leadership as there are people to write them.

One of my favourites is from Alan Keith, a former corporate finance director at the pharmaceutical firm, Genentech, who said “Leadership is ultimately about creating a way for people to contribute to making something extraordinary happen.”

And how do you do that? In an article to be published in the winter edition of Rapport Magazine ( I suggest leaders need to have more ‘joined-up being’ to include their heart centred and soul-full aspects as well as traditionally thought of feminine approaches and qualities as well as masculine ones.

A tall order? I don’t think so!

Enabling people to contribute, enabling people to make something extra-ordinary happen demands that leaders grow themselves. It demands they be inspiring and motivating role models for humanity in the 21st century.

And each one of us is a leader however small our circle of influence. So what’s it going to be? What are you going to do to become such a leader? How are you going to do that? When are you going to do that? And where?

No excuses!

And if you think I’m being unreasonable in my demands on you… surely, not little ole me?… I’m delighted. I’m totally fed up being ‘reasonable’ by tolerating less in myself and so in others. I know what I’m doing about becoming the kind of leader I want to be led by…


Nothing Succeeds Like The Appearance of Success

November 16, 2008

(Christopher Lasch)

A while ago I was training a great bunch of managers on Module 1 of my ‘Effective Communication & Influencing’ course. They were engaged, lively and challenging. Just the kind of delegates I put out for and get!

That’s something to do with the way I like to be trained myself and, of course, my marketing material. I consciously create it to attract that kind of delegate and deter those who think training is ‘time off’.

Anyhow, we were exploring my 6 Essential Principles for Effective Communication and had reached keeping your spine straight. As a teaching point, I asked them what communications they might get from a trainer who… and then I moved from my normally alert, well grounded, balanced and straight spine position to slouch and loll in my chair.

“Oh…,” cried out one manager, “you mean the kind of trainer we normally get!”

Well, we all fell about laughing for a bit. I know that kind of trainer too.

Then we unpacked the communications, intended or not, this group of managers receive from slouching-lolling trainers or colleague managers or team members or staff members or line managers or, heaven forbid, CEOs.

Not unsurprisingly their received communications were not inspiring and motivating nor did they engender impressions of trustfulness, integrity, presence, leadership or knowing one’s onions! Quite the reverse.

It could be argued we take too much notice of how a person appears rather than who and what they really are. There’s definitely a case for that and…


What we put out there is the reality we create.

So… how do you turn up in your professional or business life? If less than a ‘successful’ appearance, what on earth’s that about and what do you need to do to turn it around, assuming you want to?! And, if you already turn up excellently, what could you do even better to maximise your success factors?

© Sharon Eden 2008 All Rights Reserved


November 2, 2008

And now for something completely different…


November 2, 2008

9.40 pm, peering out of a totally black window flashed with lightenings and whizzy bangs of belated Halloween or Divali rompings on a cold October London night. Their flashes reminiscent of World War news reel bombs cascading in the blitz… sudden and piercingly sharp.

Explosions setting light to houses, sheds, unrepentant trees, urban foxes and the gnarled-ness of fences. For just a fraction of a second – only to surrender them to the darkness like a forbidden moment.

And here I am reflected in my mirror window, the orb of my halogen desk lamp a surrogate sun competing with sudden bright cracks. Yet more rockets exploding silencing normal night noises.

How bizarre that a moment ago I was lost in the warm earthiness of Kenya. Enveloped in my writing buddy’s flowing blogs of life 3 days-in.  Making, re-making contacts and projects on her micro-finance journey.

Touched by the courageous women woven in Phyllis’s tapestry. Touched by the sights, smells and sounds of her-their lives in their richness and poverty. Way, way across the world come alive through her body, her feelings, her thoughts and her sensitivity’s eyes.

Feeling totally unashamedly vital, sensuously keen and ribboning. Presence-ing myself in the velvet mirror blackboard, here and there, the creative chaotic impulse within and outside.