Made it! 27.03.07

I’ve been wanting to write a blog for ages…and just never took the plunge. But, hey, isn’t that what Women of Courage is all about?!

So here I am all blogged up.

And it’s a gloriously warm and summer full day in London UK spring time. Hold onto your hats because the way our weather’s been in the UK it could well be winter by tomorrow!

So I’m enjoying and luxuriating in the warmth as any warm blooded woman would. It reminds me of the mediterranean, warm sultry nights and full light days, a time to just ‘hhhhuuuuuuu’. Relaxation and the joy of days full of adventures, great food, great encounters with people and, well, just the kind of environment I love.

And, on the days when it’s wintery? Well, I just close my eyes and transport myself back into my mediterranean memories. And there I am once more, seeing, hearing, sensing, feeling it all right now.

So, whenever you feel the urge, take a few minutes to revisit your own most nourishing, relaxing and battery charging place…and then see how good you feel. Yum!


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  1. Susan Says:

    I decided to just do as you said and I was whisked back to lovely aunny Pasadena – how I miss the place – but as I pictured myself there I relaxed and felt envigorated enough to get back to work – the best thing was that it didn’t cost me a penny! Thank you Sharon x

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