That’s how I’m feeling today.  Feisty, up for it, ready for a fight!  In the nicest possible way of course.  No fisticuffs and no verbal slaughtering either.

I’m ready for a rough and tumble… the kind of play fighting you can do with a lover or your child or, I guess, with your dog if you have one.  OR a brother, an uncle, a dad…. notice how it’s generally males or people/animals smaller than me with whom I’m thinking of rough and tumbles.

Would I have one with my aunt?  Or my sister?  Or my mother…heavens forbid! Would I have one with a gorilla?…Yes, I know David Attenborough did.  Now, I could more imagine having a play fight with a gorilla than my grown female relatives and friends…. NO WAY!

And why on earth not?  Well, maybe it’s to do with that old hormone oxytocin (read the post below).  Or maybe it’s just plain old to do with conditioning… that’s not what girls do.

Well, females mud wrestle and females box though usually for male onlookers’ pleasure.  And, hey, I could be wrong about that one.  Maybe it’s exquisitely pleasurable and erotic for the female participants themselves.

For sure females do sometimes fight when passions and/or alcohol limits are over the top. And they can be just as vicious as males when they do.

Mmm…gonna mull this one over. In the meantime, if there’s anyone out there up for a bit of honest let’s get physical playful rough and tumble…I’m yer woman.

What a superb and nourishing way to let off steam!


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  1. rekindlethemagic Says:

    Wonderful blog you Rumbustuous woman you…I used to love having playfights with my children…and they you to expound so much energy trying to GET me in a playful rumbustuous way…my son in particular used to to red in the face with excitement…bless him…he’s 28 now!!! No more playfights!

    I have to say Sharon that playfighting is a wonderful way to let of steam in a relationship and it can lead to making love…I know…it happened to me in my marriage.

    Thank you for reminding me…
    Anita Jackson from

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