Is ‘The Secret’ really a secret???

‘The Secret’ is a film of the book, or the book of the film!, all about how great people down through the ages have achieved great things. All about so powerful was the knowledge that it had to be hidden… but we’re going to reveal it and show you how you can use it too to create your heart’s desires and a happy life.

Yeah, I know my cynic is sounding loud and clear. And that’s not about what’s said in the film. I found it very uplifting and nourishing, reminding me of ideas and experiences I can forget when I get myself bogged down in the nitty gritty of the material world.

But is it really ‘The Secret’ revealed? And do the featured, highly successful teachers, entrepreneurs, authors, trainers etc. really show you how to achieve exactly what they have?

Those of us who are long in the tooth in the personal and professional development field would say NO, it’s not a secret and NO, they only tell you part of the ‘how to’. Especially those of us trained in transpersonal psychology such as Psychosynthesis. And especially those of us trained in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

Indeed, an article in the Spring 2007 Issue of Rapport, the magazine of the Association for NLP (see blogroll), asks exactly the same question. General conclusion? The contributors conclude it’s not the whole story too.

However, for millions of people it’s a YES!

What ‘The Secret’ tells them is a revelation, things they’ve never heard of before. Excellent… I’m all for educating people about the Law of Attraction, how your thoughts create your reality, how you need to trust the natural action of energy to attract like for like, how you need to visualise your outcome and feel the joyful experience of achieving it, living it…to bring it into your life.

Whoops!!! Think I’ve just given away the secret!

While the presenters in the film say you also have to take positive action, they don’t exactly tell you how to…apart from take the opportunities as they come to you. Great! And what if you’ve got a whole bunch of limiting beliefs that don’t allow you to see the opportunities? What if you’re identity is such that although a part of you so wants to believe in ‘The Secret’, another more influential part of you has you down as a ‘Loser’?

I wonder whether ‘The Secret’ would have been such a runaway financial success if they’d also said…’and, by the way, we’ve all spent time one way or another on our personal development as part of this success’. Or if they’d said…’and, by the way, you have to go out into the world and take some action to help things along the way’? Who knows?

What I do know is that its phenomenal financial success is due to superb marketing… or crap marketing, depending on your perspective. The most recent example of this I came across was marketing hype par excellence.

It involved a website where the website owners headlined they were going to reveal The Secret The Secret doesn’t tell you…if you get the gist. However they weren’t going to do that for X amount of days. And, if you wanted to be one of the select few who would receive The Secret The Secret doesn’t tell you, you had to sign up for their contact emails NOW (preferably in blood?!).

Are you hooked yet? Me neither. But plenty of people will be.

And, as usually happens, if I clear away the hype, there’s much The Secret can give to people both new to and already on the personal growth path. I just hope they can clear away the hype too.

P.S. I’ve just come across two delicious paperbacks which lovingly, with respect and integrity, give you something of the secrets too…

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

Cosmic Ordering by Jonathan Cainer



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