Scurvy Elephant

My latest News ezine is all about we women ungagging ourselves, about being as bold and beautiful as we are. And this topic reminded me of a great story about Wayne Dyer, an inspiring personal development teacher.

When he was a young child, he came home from school and told his mother that his teacher had called him a ‘scurvy elephant’. Now the family were poor and lived on the wrong side of the tracks. His mother was concerned as to what his teacher might be referring by calling her son this name.

So she went up to Wayne’s school, found his teacher and asked him what he meant by calling her child a ‘scurvy elephant’. His teacher rolled his eyes, sighed a long sigh… and then replied, “As usual, Wayne has got it wrong. What I called him was a disturbing element!

I just love that!

So here’s to all you scurvy elephants in waiting. And here’s to all you scurvy elephants ungagged and superbly out there…long may you live, rejoice and continue to be disturbing elements. The world certainly needs you for sure right now.

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