It’s an interesting thing that the more something’s absolutely in line with your heart’s desire, your soul’s yearning, the more you avoid it. We find other things to do like clean out the dustbin, ring that friend we only spoke to a few days ago, eat chocolate, make several cups of coffee…

Or forget something like I did this weekend. I was off to the London chapter meeting of the Professional Speakers’ Association with some flyers for an innovative workshop I’m running this summer. An opportunity to let more people know about my work… only when I arrived at the venue I suddenly remembered I’d left the flyers on my kitchen table. How convenient!

Instead of being mad with myself, I just laughed.

Well, what I’ve learned is that this ‘resistance’, this avoidance behaviour, can be a dear friend instead of a saboteur. It becomes a friend when I accept it as a message about just how important the thing I’m trying not to do or be is to me. It becomes a friend telling me I’m yearning to grow, to express myself in a different and more magnificent way.

And what do you do when a friend brings such a great gift?

Instead of beating yourself up for not doing or being that ‘thing’, gently say, “Hello” to your resistance and, “Thank you for your important message”.

And then???

Lovingly feel the discomfort of your ‘resistance’… and do or be the ‘thing’ you’re avoiding anyway!


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