I’ve been working on my tag line for months, chopping and changing. I tried out different versions. I test ran them on clients, colleagues and friends and avalanched my closest nearest and dearest with ‘wodyerthink?’ type emails and phone calls.

Eventually I got to ‘unleashing purpose, passion and power’ but I knew there was something more I wasn’t getting. You know that feeling, like an itch you can’t quite reach and scratch?

Anyhow, today I was at my Professional Speakers’ Association chapter’s monthly meeting. And our very first speaker was the internationally renowned branding expert Lesley Everett of Walking Tall(TM) fame http://www.walkingtall.org

Just a few seconds’ feedback from Lesley about me having a more quirky tag line and…

Whammmeeeeee… I got it!

For sure, all my previous thoughts, trials and market testing got me to the point where Lesley could be the catalyst for me to get the big ‘it’ that was missing. And, also for sure, it was my own inner wisdom that provided the answer clearly, unequivocally and as a 100% fit… as inner wisdom always does.

However, it was Lesley’s expertise in pinpointing the direction in which I needed to take my tagline that made me go pop. Superb!

So, if you’ve already done some researching, trialing and erroring on something you know needs something more but you don’t know what…

Where can you go to find the expertise that’ll help you?

Who do you know that’s got the expertise you need?

And who do you know who might know either or both the above?

…. And, when you’ve made the connection, as I know you will, enjoy every delicious moment of your own Ahaaaaa!


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