Sharpening your Saw

Phew! I can hardly believe June is behind us yet if you asked me what have I been doing…! Well, there’s a mystery. Apart from training on an NLP Practitioner course, a fab Women of Courage workshop and my two children’s birthdays… unable to remember much else. And that’s because the month was so full of doing from morning to night, most days of the week.

Not enough ‘being’ time!

So yesterday, instead of the conference I was booked to go to and a delicious dinner meeting in the evening with a great colleague, Bob Janes, I spent the day ‘being’. Admittedly I was recovering from a big bout of flu so couldn’t do much else but, hey, in past times I would have dragged myself to the conference at the very least. So there’s an improvement.

And my ‘being time’ was sleeping until I awoke, enjoying the wet lushness of my garden, reading inspirational words, snoozing when I needed, nourishing myself well with food and water…basically just going with the natural flow of myself as the day unfolded.

And it amazes me how often I forget to do that for myself. I coach other women to have ‘me-time’ or ‘mummy time’ so the children recognise that’s time to leave Mum alone (and have ‘being’ time taught to them as a by product). I coach men to have their versions of ‘being’ time too. Yet, when it comes to me I so often forget… and especially to plan for them.

Not any more! I’ve gone through my diary for July entering crosses in some day and some parts of days to remind me that’s when I replenish myself. And created a ‘bring forward’ reminder to do the same for August… with both these actions on a rolling bring forward remind system.

And those marked times are sacrosanct. They’re the times you recharge yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. As the ancient saying goes, ‘If I care not for myself who will care for me?’ They’re the times you sharpen your saw so it’s far keener, focused and effective than when our purpose, passion and power is dulled by too much action, too much doing.

So how about you? When’s the last time you took time out for ‘being’? ‘And if not now, when then?’ Get out that diary, book out some time….

No prevarication!  No excuses!  GO ‘BEEEEEEE’!


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