Maintaining a Complicated Life is a Great Way to avoid Changing it!

A quotation from Elaine St James… and a really beaut! If I had a pound for every time a woman has said to me, “But I can’t do that because….” or “That wouldn’t work because….” followed by some lengthy explanation about contorted relationships or all the things she just has to do or some such.

Well… it would be a lengthy explanation if I let a woman get that far. Some where in her ramblings there’s usually a loud ‘Oh pleeeeeez’ from me that stops her in her tracks. I may then say something like, “I guess you just don’t want to do that new thing, huh?” Well, that’s really what it’s about.

And if there’s another attempt at justifying why a positive change in a woman’s behaviour and, of course, her life is impossible, I’ll ask a woman who she’s trying to convince, herself or me? That usually does it!

Because, usually, it’s all about being human and disliking, even fearing, change. We’ll stick with anything, even the most painful of experiences, because it’s familiar, its known. Crazy, eh? Give us a bit of the unknown and, hey, so many women just pull on the reins.

There’s a great phrase… Shape up or ship out. And the curious thing is our time to ship out of life comes round oh so much quicker than we imagine. So how would it be for you to shape up? How would it be for you to notice where you complicate your life and what you might be avoiding in doing that?

AND then… knowing what that is, how would it be for you to experiment being or doing what you’re avoiding in a toe in the water kinda way???… just a little bit positively different, huh?


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