Woman Talk

Yesterday, on a very sunny terrace in Holland Park, London, I met with 3 women friends and colleagues. One I’d seen fairly recently, the other two many months ago. And I say ‘met’ because that’s exactly what we did.

What we did wasn’t the ‘Hello…how are you?’ variety of conversation centring on work, family and the latest holiday or not…except, of course, there was some of that as we caught up with each other.

But what we did more than that was truly ‘Hello’… seeing, hearing, listening, feeling, tasting, smelling each other’s being. What we did was truly ‘How are you?’ so that each of us, in our own way, spoke something of deep importance in our life, whether that was an experience, an issue, or a way of being.

And we gave each other the time and silence in which to have our say. Respecting, honouring and loving. Woman Talk!

I feel blessed to have such women in my life.

Who are the women in your life with whom you can have Woman Talk? Or… who are the women in your life with whom you could have Woman Talk and what stops you?

Such moments connect us deeply as human beings and women. Such moments nourish our soul. And being touched by each other is surely the way forward for humanity and our world… is it not?


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