Fall 7 times… Stand up 8!


I just love that Japanese proverb. In recent times I’ve fallen a few more times than I would care to.

As an entrepreneur, business ventures that didn’t quite go the way I anticipated… aka didn’t work. A love that just wasn’t giving me what I need. My bread and butter business taking an unpredictable and inexplicable dive.

But hey, each time something doesn’t work, I understand better what does and, even more, what it is that’s absolutely in line with my values and integrity. And I learned that I can love and get my needs met. And spending time in scarcity helped me to truly appreciate prosperity and to respect money as sacred energy. Yes!… I did say sacred energy.

So what’s important is that I get up one more time than I fall. And that I take the gift of learning from my falling, whatever it is. How about you? Where and how have you recently fallen and if you haven’t already done so…. STAND UP! and see what learning it brings you.


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