My, how time flies!

When I was a girl, I remember my grandmother saying how time passed quicker as you got older. Of course I didn’t believe her. She was ancient anyway so what did she know. In fact she must have been younger than me at the time!

But, hey, time seems to be flying twice the speed of light for me over the last few years. I can’t believe it’s almost November once again. Where on earth has the time gone this year?

A great mate of mine, a wonderful ex partner and eccentric (tho’ he wouldn’t own up to that one) has the answer. Well, it may not be the answer but it is one that’ll do for me. He suggests that we get more interesting as we get older and do more interesting things so that we don’t have time to be ‘bored’ and, being busy, … even with planned ‘chillin’ time… time passes far more quickly than when we were younger and less active.

The important thing of course is to use your time pleasurably and interestingly whatever stage of life you’re at! How many women do you know who live for the time when they’ll be retired, or the children are grown up, or they move into that house, or go for the 2/3 weeks’ holiday a year? As far as I’m concerned….. toooooo many!

Time flies whatever age you are. Maybe we just notice it more when we’re older, in the prime of life… And to be able to extract the juice of those moments, to drink deliciously from the cup of life, to en-joy with life whatever you’re doing, where-ever you are and whatever your circumstances. Surely that’s what being alive is all about.

As Alan Watts, an author who brought ideas of Zen Buddhism to the West, once said… ‘The purpose of the dance is the dancing’. And so it is… nothing more and nothing less.

So women, dance! Come alive and delight in your dancing. The rest can wait!


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