An Unexpected Gift!


Yeah, I know! It’s Christmas day and what am I doing writing my blog when I promised myself festivity time off from EdenDynamics, Women of Courage, training, coaching, researching, writing? Only something very very extra-ordinary could deter me… and it did!

I received it in an ezine today from Robert Middleton, Action Plan Marketing. Although he’s talking about businesses I believe the short video’s message is one for us all, a superb example of WomanWisdom(tm) at work. Here’s what he said…

‘Successful businesses, large or small, are built on a foundation of great service. But what is great service, really? After you watch this little online video you’ll understand what service is in a whole new way. It’s only 3 minutes long and once you see it, I promise you, you’ll never forget it.’ Go now to…

Having seen the video you’ll know, like me, that you will indeed never ever forget it… for sure!

Wishing you a wonderful winter festival, whichever one you celebrate, and a magical enriching new year.

p.s. You can sign up for Robert’s weekly ezine at




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