Don’t Caste Your Pearls Before Swine


The Christmas break was an introspective time for me. I was due to meet up with someone I love from abroad whom I’d not seen for a good while. Just before doing so, they arranged a business meeting instead and cancelled out on seeing me.

Whoa! Went into ‘abandonment’ big time! Painful and a great gift.

Then, I spent a magical few days over the new year’s break in the nurturing, replenishing home of another person I love. They and their home invited me just by their presence into a time of reflection and re-connection with me and my WomanWisdom™…and integrating the learning from my 2 weeks ‘abandonment’ journey.

Helped me to understand too what my own picture of ‘love’ is and my expectations that other people will behave in the same ‘loving’ ways as I do. Some will behave similarly… and some won’t!

And then I remembered being given a great framework for choosing with whom I spend my time. Here it is…

In relationships, some people are just takers, some people are just givers and some people are both givers and takers. Check out what kind of person you are… and then choose the kind of people with whom you want to share your time and energies.

No judgements. No ‘should’s, ‘have to’s or ‘must’s. Just be honest with yourself. Which of those three kinds of people are you and with whom do you want to dance?

Great learning for me… as I hope it is for you.

We women so often go the extra mile, make excuses for others or put up with far less than we’re worth. Your pearls, like mine, are very, very precious. So do choose where and with whom to cast them very, very wisely!

Love to you…



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