Getting Clearer…


It’s not for no reason that women have a cycle roughly in line with that of the moon’s cycle and so tidal cycles too. In some cultures the time of their menstruation was respected and revered.

Native North American tribes-women would have particular tepees in which to sit and reflect as they bled… their wisdom could then be sought for the good of the tribe. Some sources suggest that the Oracles of Delphi where the future was told were priestesses at the time of their menstruation.

And it’s a well known phenomenon that when women live together or, sometimes, are in very close relationship with each other, their menstrual cycles synchronise. Howzat for the power of the hormones!

I write this because many women, including myself (even tho’ on HRT these days so only having mock menstruation), find that as they enter the second half of their cycle they become … not sure the words exist to define the experience! The best I can find is that they become a little ‘foggy’… that which seemed so absolutely right or just so or the thing to be done yadiyadiya seems off focus, like a blurred photograph.

And it’s only just today that I realised what a ‘good’ thing that can be!

Instead of… “Oh I know what’s happening. This usually happens in the second half of my menstrual cycle. I’ll just have to wait until it clears!”, I can now go…

“Great, I can let my unconscious work on that project and check it out” or “Great, I know now deep down I didn’t really want to do XYZ… thank you fogginess for bringing me back in line with what’s right for me!”… or “Great… now I get why I’m so interested in growing tomatoes. Thanks fogginess for showing me my way forward”…and so on, and so on.

If we respect that fogginess, let it creatively ‘be’ and sit patiently until information emerges through our thoughts, feelings and senses… we can co-operate with our own organic processes of wisdom. We can get far clearer about our purpose, passion and power than through cognitive thinking alone.

Hey, Sharon, you got that one yet!? And have you?



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