Living In Your Body

Want to tell you about a one day course I attended on 25th April at Roffey Park on Embodied Leadership However, I’m so full of it… it was such a rich experience for me… that I’m pretty wordless and continuing to process what I learned and the exponential difference it made to my sense of self, my confidence, my passion and power.

Yeah that big!

A constant theme in my coaching and training is to use more of our intelligence than cognitive alone… and we’ve got loads of it. Sensory, emotional, spiritual, intuitive, telepathic, physical intelligences and maybe many more.

Yet until this course I’d not appreciated the profoundness of using our physical intelligence (muscular, organic and cellular). I’ve never before fully appreciated how our history defines our body ‘shape’ nor how using our physicality provides such deep information on our behaviour patterns, how I react to situations (like a ‘grab’ when somebody criticises, attacks or I’m under stress because of some situation) AND is a means of actively and swiftly resolving issues and changing behaviour.

Now, I know I’m not writing specifics because there’s just so much this blog would be a novel! And here’s an example.

Last night at a very special birthday bash for me in a Turkish restaurant I danced with the belly dancer easily and elegantly, enjoying the pleasure of us making a dance between us, both our presences, the music and movement.

Err… yes?

The difference was and is in my confidence and centred-ness within myself. In my 20s/30s I might well do that as an act of bravado, mock confidence… look at me, I don’t give a sh..! Later, I realised what I was doing with that behaviour and stopped. I was just over-compensating for and hiding my lack of confidence and ease with myself through the bravado… and chose not to act out like that any more. Even later the deeper issue emerged which was about me hiding my magnificence, my ‘shining’ which had arisen from early experiences of shaming and abuse.

The day before the training I would have been the same. The evening after the training I was able to do something I loved, in my own way, sharing with the dancer our energies and movement and totally at ease in my own body and with my self. Being as magnificently ‘shining’ as I’m able so far.

All achieved in one day. Yes… I know! I have been working on the issue for a long time and in different ways. However, that doesn’t detract from the fact that it was resolved gently and deeply through using physical metaphors and my own physicality.

Now… me being at ease, totally authentic (like joined up writing with myself!) and able to dance publicly with a belly dancer might seem a small thing to you.

But transfer its essence into the Board Room or your work as an employee or business owner of any kind. Transfer it into your relationships with other people. Transfer it into building your team in an organisation. Transfer it into what you need to achieve in your work-life or your family-life and how you normally go about doing it.

Food for thought, eh?


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