Forget To Remember?

There’s a saboteur in my life! He looks like a mixture of Guy Fawkes and Zorro with a touch of Victorian English father of the ‘don’t darken my doorstep again’ flavour. And he interferes mostly with me expressing myself in the world, being visible, being audible.

This morning, right in the middle of my 20 minutes’ ‘sitting’ meditation, I got a massive insight as to how he does that and for what purpose. All great information for changing the dynamic. And I carried on with my sitting meditation because the learning was so huge I just knew I would remember.

Guess what? Yup… I forgot!

And when I told my writing buddy Phyllis in our co-coaching session this morning she just cracked up. Then I cracked up and we spent joyful moments laughing and laughing and laughing over the Skype airways.

Isn’t that just like life sometimes? You get this earth shattering insight, or earth shattering idea, thinking this is where I crack it all… and then you go and forget!

I suggested to Phyllis that the moral was to write the thing down. “No, no…,” she said, “the moral is to remember it so you can write it down!”  And we fell about laughing, delighting in getting sillier and sillier.

What have you forgotten? And what do you need to write down so that you can re-member?


2 Responses to “Forget To Remember?”

  1. prissyperfection Says:

    It seems that your saboteur saw to it that he sabotaged your insight! Those guys really don’t like to be found out do they?

    What do I need to write down so that I can remember?… um, EVERYTHING!

  2. Sharon Eden Says:

    Absolutely! And that needing to write down everything… kinda familiar. I call it ‘encroaching eccentricity’.

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