Presidential Address

If the world ever needed more of the traditionally thought of female/feminine principles, approaches and skills it has to be now… And the USA president elect appears to be an example of an organic urge for that paradigm shift to occur, one amongst many unpublicised examples emerging in both female and male leaders of all kinds.

A shift toward being both task and relationship oriented, of being proactive and receptive, of collaboration rather than conflict, of logical intelligence married with intuitive skills, of strength partnered by compassion… of what I call ‘joined-up being’ as well as joined-up thinking.

And Barack Obama seems to be a man attuned to this movement, an evolutionary push toward who knows what in the development of our species and planet earth. No wonder what he says and how he says it plucks a chord in so many people around the world… and the chord which resonates is one of hope!

Hope for something far more fulfilling, for a way of being that calls us to our highest, deepest and our best. A calling to purpose, passion and power with the Intention of the highest good for self and others and the Will to the highest good for self and others.

I’m absolutely on line for that! How about you?

PS  Hear the man in action with One Voice Can Change A Room

PPS Read his inaugural speech


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