Snowed Under!

Ever had that feeling? Well, that’s how it’s been in the UK the past week or so and that’s how I realise I’ve been the last few months. Lots of exciting new projects and exciting things to do and I got so carried away with the ‘exciting’ that I forgot there were only so many things I could do in the one 24 hours. Super Woman rode again!

How easy it can be to slip back into my default patterns when I take my eyes off the ball. Only saving grace is that I recognise what I’m doing these days at the first few signs of falling back into a hole rather than when I’m in there at the bottom of a pit without a ladder!

And once I recognise the signs, I take action. Luckily, I’d already booked earlier this year for some chilling and time out days at Woodbrooke, a comfortable en-suite, great food, welcoming peaceful atmosphere Quaker conference and training centre with wonderful grounds, Chinese Garden and lake… It was even more magical cloaked in a deep layer of snow.

My walking boots left hefty imprints beside those of birds and small mammals. The air was crisp in my nose and my exhalation left moisture in the air that disappeared into the whited out, muted landscape. Just me and it as the snow crunched with a pleasurable softness beneath my feet. Rest and re-connection time with my self, purpose, passion and power.

So what default pattern catches you out, how do you get snowed under? And how do you get yourself out of that particular hole?

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6 Responses to “Snowed Under!”

  1. Annie O\'Neill Says:

    I think anyone who is self employed experiences this.

    I know it has all got too much when my shoulders become really painful. My solution? Stop – take a ‘guilt free’ morning/afternoon/day off. Do something I enjoy. A long walk or a spot of gardening usually does the trick. If the weather is foul then a trashy novel or a good film.

    The trick is making it guilt free. I know that in the long run I will achieve more if I stop for a bit so I’ve learnt to do that now. The other thing I do, before I start again, is to review my ‘to do’ list and re prioritise. That really focuses me and then I’m raring to go again.

    Don’t you just love being self-employed. Imagine if you said to a boss “I’m tired and my shoulders ache so I’m going for a long walk by the river. See ya later”!!

  2. sharoneden Says:

    Hi Annie

    Thanks for your great contribution and you are soooo right! Feeling absolutely OK about your self nourishment is essential… splat the guilt gremlins or pour a pail of water over them and watch them disappear!

    Warmly… Sharon

  3. Karen Says:

    Being focused is a sure way for me to get snowed under! I get excited about the task whether it is learning or a client project that I lose sight of the wood and can only see the tree.

    The more focused I am, the more I become focused as I must do more or better…. forming a vicious circle.

    I read in a book sometime ago about ballerinas. Each movement is made up of two – pause and go – even through there is a fluidity when watching.

    So, I have a picture in my office of ballerinas to remind me to go and pause. It is in that pause I can gain perspective and loosen the hold of focus.

  4. Sharon Eden Says:

    Great idea! Thanks, Karen…

    And a superb metaphor for what we all need, me most of all at the moment, instead of the go-go-go-go-go!

    Warmly… Sharon

  5. Lindsey Says:

    Wonderful blog as usual Sharon – Yes, with this weather the trees in the garden have had an enormous amount of pressure on their boughs and branches with the weight of the snow, some of the weak branches have even snapped under the pressure, whereas others, with their added strength, have sprung back since the snow has melted.

    You are right – for us – it’s being aware of the pressures of life so that we can deal with them – shake them off rather than break under the strain.

    So – how do I get “out of the hole”? I take 10 minutes to relax into a wonderful trance and let the pressure melt away. Then a nice cuppa tea, a brain dump onto a mind map and away I go with more clarity and a spring in my step!

    I must say that the snowed in (rather than under) has been wonderful – what fun we’ve had sliding down the hill at the top of our road – snowball fights with neighbours – skating on the ice – building snowmen and igloos – it’s been a wonderful community spirit so the snow has it’s uses!

    Warmest Regards

  6. Sharon Eden Says:

    Great strategy, Lindsey… decaff tea, I hope! Thanks for your contribution and reminding me what fun the snow can be… the real stuff that is.

    Warmly… Sharon

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