April 2, 2007

That’s how I’m feeling today.  Feisty, up for it, ready for a fight!  In the nicest possible way of course.  No fisticuffs and no verbal slaughtering either.

I’m ready for a rough and tumble… the kind of play fighting you can do with a lover or your child or, I guess, with your dog if you have one.  OR a brother, an uncle, a dad…. notice how it’s generally males or people/animals smaller than me with whom I’m thinking of rough and tumbles.

Would I have one with my aunt?  Or my sister?  Or my mother…heavens forbid! Would I have one with a gorilla?…Yes, I know David Attenborough did.  Now, I could more imagine having a play fight with a gorilla than my grown female relatives and friends…. NO WAY!

And why on earth not?  Well, maybe it’s to do with that old hormone oxytocin (read the post below).  Or maybe it’s just plain old to do with conditioning… that’s not what girls do.

Well, females mud wrestle and females box though usually for male onlookers’ pleasure.  And, hey, I could be wrong about that one.  Maybe it’s exquisitely pleasurable and erotic for the female participants themselves.

For sure females do sometimes fight when passions and/or alcohol limits are over the top. And they can be just as vicious as males when they do.

Mmm…gonna mull this one over. In the meantime, if there’s anyone out there up for a bit of honest let’s get physical playful rough and tumble…I’m yer woman.

What a superb and nourishing way to let off steam!



March 29, 2007

With over 25 years’ expertise in the professional and personal development fields, Sharon specialises and delights in working under her EdenDynamics brand with leaders, executives and visionaries in both the public and private sectors who desire high performance, presence and power.

A previous corporate career in Marketing adds the areas of communication and influence to her portfolio while her current corporate coaching and training also includes authentic self confidence, influential rapport, political sensitivity and skilfulness, purposeful passion, focus and direction together with impactful inner and outer leadership.

And Sharon brings all of this experience and expertise to specialised coaching and training for women generally through her ‘Women of Courage’ organisation.

As a coach and trainer in all these fields she ignites curiosity, potential and solidly embedded development through her interactive, experiential and dynamic approach liberally sprinkled with humour and some surprises.

Always curious and fascinated about human behaviour, Sharon is committed to her own life-long learning. Currently she’s pursuing development as an evocative and challenging writer currently focused in the areas of organisational and personal purpose, passion and power. She also enjoys the company of friends, family and colleagues together with good food and craic.

Hang Out with Women and De-Stress

March 29, 2007

A landmark University of California, Los Angeles, study suggests friendships between women are special. Hello-o…did it need university research to tell us what we already know?

Well, yes, because the research explains more about what we know… that hanging out with our women friends can actually counteract the kind of stomach churning stress many of us experience on a daily basis. It suggests women respond to stress with a whole mix of brain chemicals that motivate us to make and maintain friendships with other women.

Researchers now suspect women have a larger behavioural repertoire than the classic ‘fight or flight’ reaction to stress. (Turns out that 90% of traditional stress research has been done with males! Wouldn’t you know it?).

It seems that when the hormone oxytocin is released as part of the stress responses in women, it encourages us to tend children and gather with other women instead.

Now we know one of the biochemical reasons why being with good women friends is a tonic. So make a point of valuing your woman friends…and yourself as one of them.

Sounds to me like another great way to relieve stress!

Taylor, S E, Klein, L C, Lewis, B P, Gruenewald, T L, Gurung. R A R, & Updegraff, J A, (2000). “Female Responses to Stress: Tend and Befriend, Not Fight or Flight”, Psychological Review, 107 (3), 41-429.

Made it! 27.03.07

March 27, 2007

I’ve been wanting to write a blog for ages…and just never took the plunge. But, hey, isn’t that what Women of Courage is all about?!

So here I am all blogged up.

And it’s a gloriously warm and summer full day in London UK spring time. Hold onto your hats because the way our weather’s been in the UK it could well be winter by tomorrow!

So I’m enjoying and luxuriating in the warmth as any warm blooded woman would. It reminds me of the mediterranean, warm sultry nights and full light days, a time to just ‘hhhhuuuuuuu’. Relaxation and the joy of days full of adventures, great food, great encounters with people and, well, just the kind of environment I love.

And, on the days when it’s wintery? Well, I just close my eyes and transport myself back into my mediterranean memories. And there I am once more, seeing, hearing, sensing, feeling it all right now.

So, whenever you feel the urge, take a few minutes to revisit your own most nourishing, relaxing and battery charging place…and then see how good you feel. Yum!