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Snowed Under!

February 9, 2009

Ever had that feeling? Well, that’s how it’s been in the UK the past week or so and that’s how I realise I’ve been the last few months. Lots of exciting new projects and exciting things to do and I got so carried away with the ‘exciting’ that I forgot there were only so many things I could do in the one 24 hours. Super Woman rode again!

How easy it can be to slip back into my default patterns when I take my eyes off the ball. Only saving grace is that I recognise what I’m doing these days at the first few signs of falling back into a hole rather than when I’m in there at the bottom of a pit without a ladder!

And once I recognise the signs, I take action. Luckily, I’d already booked earlier this year for some chilling and time out days at Woodbrooke, a comfortable en-suite, great food, welcoming peaceful atmosphere Quaker conference and training centre with wonderful grounds, Chinese Garden and lake… It was even more magical cloaked in a deep layer of snow.

My walking boots left hefty imprints beside those of birds and small mammals. The air was crisp in my nose and my exhalation left moisture in the air that disappeared into the whited out, muted landscape. Just me and it as the snow crunched with a pleasurable softness beneath my feet. Rest and re-connection time with my self, purpose, passion and power.

So what default pattern catches you out, how do you get snowed under? And how do you get yourself out of that particular hole?

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