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March 8, 2008


There’s an ancient Zen saying that there’s nothing left to you at this moment but to have a good laugh.

And as I go to write more, I don’t want to. As if somehow my talking about it will lose its essence. Maybe it will. Maybe it won’t. Just 2 thoughts!

Peace comes with being able to laugh at yourself, to roar at your own sheer ludicrousness with gentle and loving compassion.

And remember…

… whatever’s happening and whatever happens, there’s always, but always, the Cosmic Giggle!

Love to you…


Don’t Caste Your Pearls Before Swine

January 27, 2008


The Christmas break was an introspective time for me. I was due to meet up with someone I love from abroad whom I’d not seen for a good while. Just before doing so, they arranged a business meeting instead and cancelled out on seeing me.

Whoa! Went into ‘abandonment’ big time! Painful and a great gift.

Then, I spent a magical few days over the new year’s break in the nurturing, replenishing home of another person I love. They and their home invited me just by their presence into a time of reflection and re-connection with me and my WomanWisdom™…and integrating the learning from my 2 weeks ‘abandonment’ journey.

Helped me to understand too what my own picture of ‘love’ is and my expectations that other people will behave in the same ‘loving’ ways as I do. Some will behave similarly… and some won’t!

And then I remembered being given a great framework for choosing with whom I spend my time. Here it is…

In relationships, some people are just takers, some people are just givers and some people are both givers and takers. Check out what kind of person you are… and then choose the kind of people with whom you want to share your time and energies.

No judgements. No ‘should’s, ‘have to’s or ‘must’s. Just be honest with yourself. Which of those three kinds of people are you and with whom do you want to dance?

Great learning for me… as I hope it is for you.

We women so often go the extra mile, make excuses for others or put up with far less than we’re worth. Your pearls, like mine, are very, very precious. So do choose where and with whom to cast them very, very wisely!

Love to you…


An Unexpected Gift!

December 25, 2007


Yeah, I know! It’s Christmas day and what am I doing writing my blog when I promised myself festivity time off from EdenDynamics, Women of Courage, training, coaching, researching, writing? Only something very very extra-ordinary could deter me… and it did!

I received it in an ezine today from Robert Middleton, Action Plan Marketing. Although he’s talking about businesses I believe the short video’s message is one for us all, a superb example of WomanWisdom(tm) at work. Here’s what he said…

‘Successful businesses, large or small, are built on a foundation of great service. But what is great service, really? After you watch this little online video you’ll understand what service is in a whole new way. It’s only 3 minutes long and once you see it, I promise you, you’ll never forget it.’ Go now to…

Having seen the video you’ll know, like me, that you will indeed never ever forget it… for sure!

Wishing you a wonderful winter festival, whichever one you celebrate, and a magical enriching new year.

p.s. You can sign up for Robert’s weekly ezine at



Rock the Boat!

December 7, 2007


“Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the trouble-makers, the round pegs in the square holes… the ones who see things differently…” Steve Jobs

Wow! Are you sure? Yes, I absolutely am! I’m sick and tired of seeing women, and men too, who are psychologically/emotionally/mentally distressed because they did/became what other people wanted them to be.

If I hear the phrase ‘don’t rock the boat’ or ‘I didn’t want to cause xyz hurt’ (by being themself!) or ‘it felt disloyal to not do what xyz wanted’ or ‘after all they’d done for me‘ one more time I’m gonna puke! Well, metaphysically if not physically.

Have compassion, Sharon… have compassion! Big breath…in fact 3 big breaths and I centre and remind myself that I too spent years and years not rocking the particular boat I’d been trained to sail in. And here my passion rises again…..

when I think of all the children out there who’re being labelled as mad or bad, statemented or worse as I write because they’re misfits. And, yes, of course I know that some will have conditions that cause them problems. And I bet a helluva lot of them are just ‘scurvy elephants’ (see my earlier blog)… questioning, different, need the kinda teaching that can adapt and be flexible according to the needs of each child.

I remember an ex-head telling me she was resigning because she just couldn’t turn children into identical tins of beans anymore. That’s what we do to our kids… that’s what was done to us.

So as the festive season approaches and the new year dawns, DO ROCK THE BOAT…

What’s one thing you were/are always afraid to do/be ‘in case xyz wouldn’t like it’ or ‘they’ll think I’m mad’? Be mad for once in your life, step out of the strait-jacketed coffin you’re in and do it/be it. Take the risk and be prepared to be surprised and delighted by your experience.

And for those of you who already rock the boat… do it even more! How delicious…..

Wishing you a peaceful, joyful festive season and an exciting, fulfilling new year xxx

My, how time flies!

October 24, 2007

When I was a girl, I remember my grandmother saying how time passed quicker as you got older. Of course I didn’t believe her. She was ancient anyway so what did she know. In fact she must have been younger than me at the time!

But, hey, time seems to be flying twice the speed of light for me over the last few years. I can’t believe it’s almost November once again. Where on earth has the time gone this year?

A great mate of mine, a wonderful ex partner and eccentric (tho’ he wouldn’t own up to that one) has the answer. Well, it may not be the answer but it is one that’ll do for me. He suggests that we get more interesting as we get older and do more interesting things so that we don’t have time to be ‘bored’ and, being busy, … even with planned ‘chillin’ time… time passes far more quickly than when we were younger and less active.

The important thing of course is to use your time pleasurably and interestingly whatever stage of life you’re at! How many women do you know who live for the time when they’ll be retired, or the children are grown up, or they move into that house, or go for the 2/3 weeks’ holiday a year? As far as I’m concerned….. toooooo many!

Time flies whatever age you are. Maybe we just notice it more when we’re older, in the prime of life… And to be able to extract the juice of those moments, to drink deliciously from the cup of life, to en-joy with life whatever you’re doing, where-ever you are and whatever your circumstances. Surely that’s what being alive is all about.

As Alan Watts, an author who brought ideas of Zen Buddhism to the West, once said… ‘The purpose of the dance is the dancing’. And so it is… nothing more and nothing less.

So women, dance! Come alive and delight in your dancing. The rest can wait!

Fall 7 times… Stand up 8!

September 6, 2007


I just love that Japanese proverb. In recent times I’ve fallen a few more times than I would care to.

As an entrepreneur, business ventures that didn’t quite go the way I anticipated… aka didn’t work. A love that just wasn’t giving me what I need. My bread and butter business taking an unpredictable and inexplicable dive.

But hey, each time something doesn’t work, I understand better what does and, even more, what it is that’s absolutely in line with my values and integrity. And I learned that I can love and get my needs met. And spending time in scarcity helped me to truly appreciate prosperity and to respect money as sacred energy. Yes!… I did say sacred energy.

So what’s important is that I get up one more time than I fall. And that I take the gift of learning from my falling, whatever it is. How about you? Where and how have you recently fallen and if you haven’t already done so…. STAND UP! and see what learning it brings you.

Woman Talk

August 12, 2007

Yesterday, on a very sunny terrace in Holland Park, London, I met with 3 women friends and colleagues. One I’d seen fairly recently, the other two many months ago. And I say ‘met’ because that’s exactly what we did.

What we did wasn’t the ‘Hello…how are you?’ variety of conversation centring on work, family and the latest holiday or not…except, of course, there was some of that as we caught up with each other.

But what we did more than that was truly ‘Hello’… seeing, hearing, listening, feeling, tasting, smelling each other’s being. What we did was truly ‘How are you?’ so that each of us, in our own way, spoke something of deep importance in our life, whether that was an experience, an issue, or a way of being.

And we gave each other the time and silence in which to have our say. Respecting, honouring and loving. Woman Talk!

I feel blessed to have such women in my life.

Who are the women in your life with whom you can have Woman Talk? Or… who are the women in your life with whom you could have Woman Talk and what stops you?

Such moments connect us deeply as human beings and women. Such moments nourish our soul. And being touched by each other is surely the way forward for humanity and our world… is it not?

Maintaining a Complicated Life is a Great Way to avoid Changing it!

July 31, 2007

A quotation from Elaine St James… and a really beaut! If I had a pound for every time a woman has said to me, “But I can’t do that because….” or “That wouldn’t work because….” followed by some lengthy explanation about contorted relationships or all the things she just has to do or some such.

Well… it would be a lengthy explanation if I let a woman get that far. Some where in her ramblings there’s usually a loud ‘Oh pleeeeeez’ from me that stops her in her tracks. I may then say something like, “I guess you just don’t want to do that new thing, huh?” Well, that’s really what it’s about.

And if there’s another attempt at justifying why a positive change in a woman’s behaviour and, of course, her life is impossible, I’ll ask a woman who she’s trying to convince, herself or me? That usually does it!

Because, usually, it’s all about being human and disliking, even fearing, change. We’ll stick with anything, even the most painful of experiences, because it’s familiar, its known. Crazy, eh? Give us a bit of the unknown and, hey, so many women just pull on the reins.

There’s a great phrase… Shape up or ship out. And the curious thing is our time to ship out of life comes round oh so much quicker than we imagine. So how would it be for you to shape up? How would it be for you to notice where you complicate your life and what you might be avoiding in doing that?

AND then… knowing what that is, how would it be for you to experiment being or doing what you’re avoiding in a toe in the water kinda way???… just a little bit positively different, huh?

Sharpening your Saw

July 5, 2007

Phew! I can hardly believe June is behind us yet if you asked me what have I been doing…! Well, there’s a mystery. Apart from training on an NLP Practitioner course, a fab Women of Courage workshop and my two children’s birthdays… unable to remember much else. And that’s because the month was so full of doing from morning to night, most days of the week.

Not enough ‘being’ time!

So yesterday, instead of the conference I was booked to go to and a delicious dinner meeting in the evening with a great colleague, Bob Janes, I spent the day ‘being’. Admittedly I was recovering from a big bout of flu so couldn’t do much else but, hey, in past times I would have dragged myself to the conference at the very least. So there’s an improvement.

And my ‘being time’ was sleeping until I awoke, enjoying the wet lushness of my garden, reading inspirational words, snoozing when I needed, nourishing myself well with food and water…basically just going with the natural flow of myself as the day unfolded.

And it amazes me how often I forget to do that for myself. I coach other women to have ‘me-time’ or ‘mummy time’ so the children recognise that’s time to leave Mum alone (and have ‘being’ time taught to them as a by product). I coach men to have their versions of ‘being’ time too. Yet, when it comes to me I so often forget… and especially to plan for them.

Not any more! I’ve gone through my diary for July entering crosses in some day and some parts of days to remind me that’s when I replenish myself. And created a ‘bring forward’ reminder to do the same for August… with both these actions on a rolling bring forward remind system.

And those marked times are sacrosanct. They’re the times you recharge yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. As the ancient saying goes, ‘If I care not for myself who will care for me?’ They’re the times you sharpen your saw so it’s far keener, focused and effective than when our purpose, passion and power is dulled by too much action, too much doing.

So how about you? When’s the last time you took time out for ‘being’? ‘And if not now, when then?’ Get out that diary, book out some time….

No prevarication!  No excuses!  GO ‘BEEEEEEE’!


June 9, 2007

I’ve been working on my tag line for months, chopping and changing. I tried out different versions. I test ran them on clients, colleagues and friends and avalanched my closest nearest and dearest with ‘wodyerthink?’ type emails and phone calls.

Eventually I got to ‘unleashing purpose, passion and power’ but I knew there was something more I wasn’t getting. You know that feeling, like an itch you can’t quite reach and scratch?

Anyhow, today I was at my Professional Speakers’ Association chapter’s monthly meeting. And our very first speaker was the internationally renowned branding expert Lesley Everett of Walking Tall(TM) fame

Just a few seconds’ feedback from Lesley about me having a more quirky tag line and…

Whammmeeeeee… I got it!

For sure, all my previous thoughts, trials and market testing got me to the point where Lesley could be the catalyst for me to get the big ‘it’ that was missing. And, also for sure, it was my own inner wisdom that provided the answer clearly, unequivocally and as a 100% fit… as inner wisdom always does.

However, it was Lesley’s expertise in pinpointing the direction in which I needed to take my tagline that made me go pop. Superb!

So, if you’ve already done some researching, trialing and erroring on something you know needs something more but you don’t know what…

Where can you go to find the expertise that’ll help you?

Who do you know that’s got the expertise you need?

And who do you know who might know either or both the above?

…. And, when you’ve made the connection, as I know you will, enjoy every delicious moment of your own Ahaaaaa!