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Presidential Address

January 18, 2009

If the world ever needed more of the traditionally thought of female/feminine principles, approaches and skills it has to be now… And the USA president elect appears to be an example of an organic urge for that paradigm shift to occur, one amongst many unpublicised examples emerging in both female and male leaders of all kinds.

A shift toward being both task and relationship oriented, of being proactive and receptive, of collaboration rather than conflict, of logical intelligence married with intuitive skills, of strength partnered by compassion… of what I call ‘joined-up being’ as well as joined-up thinking.

And Barack Obama seems to be a man attuned to this movement, an evolutionary push toward who knows what in the development of our species and planet earth. No wonder what he says and how he says it plucks a chord in so many people around the world… and the chord which resonates is one of hope!

Hope for something far more fulfilling, for a way of being that calls us to our highest, deepest and our best. A calling to purpose, passion and power with the Intention of the highest good for self and others and the Will to the highest good for self and others.

I’m absolutely on line for that! How about you?

PS  Hear the man in action with One Voice Can Change A Room

PPS Read his inaugural speech


Every time I close the door on reality, it comes in through the windows

July 8, 2008

Jennifer Yane’s quotation reminded me that when the Universe has got a lesson to teach you it comes knocking on your door and, if you ignore it, the Universe comes back a while later and knocks even harder. If you still ignore it, the Universe comes back later and this time knocks and kicks at your door. And, if you still ignore the Universe and the lesson it has to teach you, it’ll come back even later. Only this time it’ll kick your ****** door down.

How sensible then to have open windows!

Because the lesson we need to learn often comes through reality flying in through them and hitting us right in the face. Not that we didn’t previously know about it at some level. We just didn’t let it be conscious, be real.

The relationship that you suddenly recognise is damaging, the job that’s draining your soul, the piece you recognise about yourself and your behaviour, the chaos that you’re creating through lack of care, the fear that’s holding you back from recognition or indeed how blessed you are with what you have in your life. A myriad of realities throughout our lives ready to help us stretch ourselves and grow.

A myriad which we often keep the door closed and shut on just in case we have to do something. Oh no! Not the ‘action’ thing? Yes, that action thing. That thing called being response-able, able to respond to and act upon what’s calling us to change.

Often such times evoke our greatest fears about lack of security, losing love, rejection and the possibility of abandonment. But, hey, when your re-action (hyphenated on purpose) is the strongest, it’s a clue as to how much of your potential that lesson, that bit of reality, is offering you as its prize.

In recent times, reality flew in my windows at gale wind speed… never one to do things by halves… and it was about being called to shed some old and redundant beliefs and behaviours that I’d covered up with bravado. To get more real in its truest sense!

To be more authentically me and more vulnerable… and paradoxically more safe only it didn’t feel like it at the time… through shedding some brittleness and some shoutiness that had attempted to defend me against hurt. Not that it had worked particularly well… does it ever?!

Well I kicked and screamed and fought to begin with. And although I’m through that bit now I’m still a work in process. Shedding the old, not quite sure what the new is like and making it up as I go along with a bit of inner and bigger guidance. And I’m still here; no loss of security or love, no rejection or abandonment. At least, if I have been rejected or abandoned, I certainly don’t feel it.

So… what’s the reality that came in through your windows? What lessons did it teach you? And how did you change and grow out of it?

Do let me know and take the possibility of helping others face their realities through your named experience being featured in my upcoming book. Comment as gloriously as you wish below….

Love to you…

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